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Attentions on how to select kitchenware and kitchen equipment

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1. Integrated Kitchen Furniture
The standard and modular modern kitchen furniture owns rich material and color matching and the overall design and model selection can be performed according to kitchen layout.
The integrated kitchen furniture includes operating board, base cabinet, wall cupboard, combination cabinet, corner cabinet, etc., and matches with kitchen equipment such as kitchen range, sink, electric appliances and processing devices, etc.

The integrated kitchen furniture is easy to match with the decorative style.

(1) The kitchen equipment is mainly placed in the central area in the spacious kitchen full of sunshine. The dining and living area is there.
(2) The wood floor, ceiling and rough rubble wall forms a uniform style, while the striking contrast in color and delicate line add brilliance.
(3) The imposing and luxury deep color cabinet matches with the solid wood table board, forming a striking contrast and looking natural and delicate.
(4) The simple and white cabinet matches with the decoration of kitchen and the
natural grain of green stone is set off.

2. Various Sinks
A variety of sinks is available. The function is of great importance besides materials and shapes. The materials include stainless steel, ceramic, etc. The sinks can be divided into different parts for separate washing and the cutting function is also available.
(1) Round titanium plated stainless steel sink
(2) The artificial stone sink
(3) Double arc acrylic sink
(4) The three-groove stainless steel sink
(5) Ceramic sink

The faucet with different styles, functions and materials should be selected according
to the sink, kitchenware and decorative style.
(1) The modern faucet and matching color
(2) The simple engineering plastic faucet and multiple functions
(3) The deep blue ceramic and stainless steel faucet can be fully integrated with the materials of sink.

3. Multi-functional Faucet
Pay attention to matching with the shape and color of sink when selecting faucet. In addition, please pay attention to the quality and function. The faucet has the function of adjustable cold and hot water and can also be pulled out to wash the floor.
Sink Structure
It is a standard connection type between the double-groove sink and the sewer pipe, the overall relations of water heating device, chopper and complete washing equipment including dish washing machine
4. Range Types
The kitchen range includes gas stove, electromagnetic range and electric oven and various electric equipments such as microwave oven and electric cooker, etc.

5. The Decorative Materials of the Wall and Floor of Kitchen
The special wall and floor tiles are used for decoration of the wall and floor of kitchen and own a variety of specifications, design and colors. Please pay attention to the coordinative relationship with kitchen cabinet at first. The floor should be decorated with anti-skidding material.
6. The Selection of Materials of Kitchen Furniture

The materials of kitchen future should be fire-proof, water-proof and easy to clean. In addition, the design, color and variety should be selected according to the overall design style and price.

7. The Storage Function of Cabinet
With the improving living standard and increasing amount of electrical appliances, the higher and more detailed requirements on the storage function of kitchen furniture are put forward by food, food container and processing devices. The kitchen with excellent design should make full use of space, and create convenient and practical storage space which can meet detailed living needs.

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