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The Introduction on Cleaning and Maintenance Principle of Kitchen Equipment

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The cleaning and maintenance of kitchen is very simple. Clean up the kitchen after cooking, perform maintenance regularly or invite the kitchenware company to do safety inspection, thereby keeping kitchen clean and avoiding the trouble of year-end cleaning. The cleaning and maintenance of kitchen is most troubling. The oil stain and rust are difficult to remove. A brief introduction on the cleaning and maintenance principle of kitchen equipment is given.
The Maintenance Principle of Cabinet Body

The cabinet is moisture-proof, but flushing water directly or for a long term is not allowed so as to avoid board damage caused by dampness. If there are water spots on the surface of cabinet, please wipe with a piece of dry rag. Usually wipe with a piece of slightly wet rag. In case of stubborn stains, brush with the neutral cleaner and souring pad. The diluent consisting of bleach and water with a ratio of 1:1 can be used for regular maintenance and disinfection. Please wipe the cookware, bowl and plate before putting them into the cabinet. Avoid scratch caused by sharp objects, and do not use steel brush. Do not open and close door forcefully or exceed the opening degree (110°). Avoid water stains on hinge and other metal parts.

Daily Maintenance of Kitchen Top

The Key Points for Cleaning and Maintenance of Kitchen Top, usually clean with a piece of wet rag. In case of spots, the suds and neutral cleaner can be used. Do not use the strong cleaner. You may as well use suds to remove stubborn stains. Please gently wipe the matte surface with cleaner and 3M scouring pad (yellow) circularly. The same method can be used to remove the stain caused by cigarette. In addition, the strong chemical such as dye remover, rosin oil and acetone are not allowed to contact the table board directly and do not put the hot pot on it directly, which will damage the surface. The insulation mat can be used to avoid damage. Although the table board is easy to maintain, there are still some attentions. Do not cut food on the table board directly and the chopping board is needed when cutting. Please prevent damage and keep kitchen clean.

The Cleaning and Maintenance of Gas Stove and Range Hood

I. Gas Stove
The cleaning and maintenance of gas stove is one of the most difficult and important links. Please wipe the table board with neutral cleaner immediately after using so as to avoid long-term stains and difficult cleaning in the future. Please wipe the induction bar every week, remove the carbide on burner with iron wire brush regularly, and penetrate the burner port.
When there is blowing fire or red fire, please appropriately adjust the air volume regulator so as to avoid gas leakage. Meanwhile, please regularly check whether the rubber pipe is loose, cracks or leaks. In addition, the gas stove is required to be more than 30cm away from the window so as to avoid that the fire is blown out by strong wind. The safe distance between the gas stove, wall cupboard and range hood should be 60-75cm.

II. Range Hood
Please pull the plug before the cleaning or maintenance of range hood so as to avoid electric shock. The best maintenance method is to wipe the casing with a piece of dry cloth moistened with neutral cleaner. When the oil catcher or oil cup is nearly full, please pour the oil immediately. Clean the blade fan and inner wall with detergent regularly. Soak the oil screen on the range hood in neutral cleaner and clean it once every half a month. The oil on switch and oil cup can be covered with preservative film so as to clean it later. Tear off the preservative film and replace them. Tips on Cleaning of Range Hood: The range hood with oil screen can filter dirty oil, reduce engine load and avoid oil dripping. When the oil screen and oil cup become dirty, please soak them in neutral cleaner for 20min and clean it with clear water. Please add a little ammonia in cleanser, soak the stubborn stains for a while and the stains can be removed easily. In addition, pour a little diluent dish washing liquid into the clean oil cup, then it will be easier to clean next time.

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