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Five Tips on Better Selection of Cabinet

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1. Edge Banding: The large manufacturers use modern equipment for edge banding at high temperature and high pressure. It looks clean and firm, avoids the damage caused by steam and has a longer service life. While the edge banding made by small workshops looks rough.
2. Hardware Fitting: The hardware fittings such as rotary disk for corner cabinet and the separation rack for push-pull cabinet can realize orderly layout of objects in the cabinet. The good cabinet perfectly combines hardware fittings, cabinet body and door, can be opened and closed freely, has no noise and doesn’t deform or damage after opening and closing over 10,000 times.
3. Water Stop Design: The special water stop design of table board can prevent the water on table board from dropping down to cabinet body and guarantee the long-term use.
4. Eco-friendly Material: The panel, table board and edge sealing agent are required to reach the environmental requirements. The artificial panel with standard formaldehyde emission is used, and the fire-proof plate and artificial stone are recommended to be used for table board.
5. Service: It includes the pre-sales measurement and design, careful installation as well as after-sales service. Establish user documents, pay a return visit and solve problems timely.
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